Fans of Jalopnik and Bill Caswell, our indomitable Hollywood-bound $500 Craigslist rally car driver, decided yet again not to listen to our pleas against hacking electronic road signs, hacking a sign at this weekend's Pikes Peak race.

The day after we re-ran our "How to hack electronic road signs" story from two years ago, we're starting to again see defenseless road signs hacked.

And not just in places like Pikes Peak. Even good, wholesome, fish-farming communities like the St. John's area in Newfoundland, Canada are unable to hide from the hordes of zombie-warning road sign attackers.

They had their own zombie encounter this weekend.

"Zombie invasion! Run!" said one of the messages that appeared on an electronic traffic sign positioned near Windsor Lake, one of the main water supplies in St. John's.

The sign, which had been expected to advise motorists of construction that started Monday, had been programmed with other messages, including "Expect apocalyptic doom!"

A final message said, "Rule #2: Double tap!", a line from the 2009 Woody Harrelson comedy "Zombieland."

See, this is precisely why we can't have nice things.

Again, we beg of you, our beloved Jalopnik readers, please don't hack into road signs using the instructions below. Also, please don't write "Jalopnik Rules!" Also, also, please don't take pictures and send them in to us here.

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