The Hennessey Venom GT's returning home to its summer home in England, this time with the fourth production version in bright yellow set for its track debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Behold, the "B-Killer." Update!

When I first saw pics of the yellow Venom GT I assumed this four-and-final 2011 model year car would be called the "Killer Bee." John Hennessey corrected me by stating it's the "B-Killer. As in Bugatti Veyron SS."


Despite the low weight, months of engineering, and gobs of horsepower it's a big claim for a car they've been slow to benchmark. (We're one of the few to even get a ride in one).

Perhaps that's why they're putting test driver and chassis development engineer John Heinricy behind the wheel for the Goodwood Supercar Run to prove its might. We can't wait for the hundreds of YouTube videos to follow.


Click through the gallery for video a glowing headers dyno test of the PMY Venom GT.

Update: We've added some clearer, exclusive shots from the car's Salon Prive debut.