Speed is addictive, which may explain why the owner of this Lamborghini Murcielago decided to tussle with a BMW M5 as they both left the 2011 SuperGT race at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia this afternoon. As these exclusive before-and-after photos show, the Lambo loses.

Jalopnik reader ericmaxman was leaving the race when he saw the M5, with a female passenger in the car, being chased by the Murcielago. A few moments later both cars were knocked out. From the aftermath he guesses that the Lambo might have swerved and collided with the M5, sending the Bimmer in the grass before crashing into the divider, though he's not sure.


There's also a rumor that the same Murcielago, possibly an SV distinguished by what appears to be the Premier 4509 bodykit, locked horns with an F10 BMW the night before.

Click through the photos to find out what happens when you mix one part Lambo, one part BMW, and two parts reckless driving. It was a bad weekend in Malaysia.

(Thanks to Ericmaxman!)