We bring to you our latest discovery in custom car/truck awesome, the Lincoln Town-chero. Based on a Lincoln Town Car, this unique piece of custom luxury weirdness was spotted by a Jalopnik reader somewhere in Southern Indiana.

Something about Luxury custom car/truck conversions are especially appealing. It could be the bastardization of an otherwise stuffy old land yacht or just the meeting of two different worlds. Judging by these two reader submitted photos, when the world of car/trucks and luxury cars met for this Lincoln's transformation from Town Car to Town-chero it worked out surprisingly well.

We don't have any information on this Town-chero beyond the fact it is currently parked in "an old junk car lot". Based on the quality of the conversion, it is a fairly safe guess this luxury car/truck was probably professionally built to be used as a flower car at funerals. Having said that, we have recently come across a high quality Lincoln truck conversion believed to be the work of a talented genius individual instead of a large company.

Even if it was a formal professional vehicle in its past, these days the Town-chero looks pretty ready for casual cruising. We hope the Town-chero gets discovered by someone not only appreciative of this unique vehicle's form, but willing (and able) to do all of the things you should do with a custom car/truck of this caliber, like turning the bed into a temporary hot-tub.

Hat tip to Charlie!