In case you mistakenly heard the redesigned 1985 Jetta was able to jump fallen trees, transport elephants or fit several dozen suitcases in the trunk, Volkswagen wanted you to know none of it was true. Following the unconventional advertising mold that served the company so well, Volkswagen drove that point home by illustrating their car faced with all of the aforementioned scenarios in this amusing piece of vintage advertising.

Volkswagen was never been a company afraid to think outside the box when it came to advertising. The company introduced the Beetle to America using unconventional print advertising unlike anything the automotive industry had ever seen and never really looked back. By 1985 Volkswagen's cars looked a lot different than the vehicles of a few decades before, but the advertising strategy remained the same.


Even though they couldn't actually defy gravity or pick up large LA bound land mammals the redesigned for 1985 Jettas were still well received by 80s car buyers. Even though it was a strong seller throughout its seven year US model run, the "revolutionary" second generation VW was replaced by a redesigned Jetta in 1993. We've (mistakenly) heard the decision to replace the MK2 Jetta had something to do with model's inability to levitate over fallen trees.