Today I toured Ford's Flat Rock Mustang assembly plant to check out the special assembly line set up for the BOSS 302S Mustang, the new man-of-the-track version of the Boss 302, a car we called "the best Mustang ever." God, do we love manufacturing porn.

My tour guide for the day was none other than Larry Ferrin, a man who's been with Ford Racing for a couple decades now. Unfortunately, I took absolutely no advantage of his many years of experience, and instead ended up randomly wandering off into the assembly line every time I noticed some cool little thing I needed to photograph. Like the carbon fiber deflector on the front fender brake air intakes. Or a box of ducts that attached to that deflector. Or the carbon fiber matching air shield sitting as-flush-as-can-be to the brake disc.


Frankly, it was like letting a kid loose in a toy store. Except the toys were half-finished BOSS 302S Mustangs. And I wasn't gonna spend my time listening to Mom.

Still, I managed to glean some interesting info from Ferrin. For example, because it's a track car, the BOSS 302S doesn't have a VIN. Instead, it's got the unit number (like #001, #002, etc) appended to "BOSS302S". Talk about the best VIN ever.

And that was about all I was able to hear. There were just too many shiny toys to look at. Check them out yourself above. Mustang Evolution has more details on the car here. Also, I hear Car and Driver might have more details later on about what was said because former-Jalop Mike Austin was there taking notes. I was too busy looking at the toys.