The closed captioning that would translate New England accents to American doesn't work on this video, so best we can tell this gentleman survived Wednesday's tornado in Massachusetts, but lost his place of work. And his hood scoop.

The storms killed four and injured 200; it was the first time someone in Massachusetts had died from a tornado since 2008. The survivors in this video from Brimfield, Mass., apparently worked at a used car shop of some variety, and rode out the twister "undaneat a fawkin' seta stairs." The damage is severe — building gone, cars tossed about. And of couse, the videographer's hood scoop.


Today, we pause to remember you, silver hood scoop from a Subaru WRX. You served your owner faithfully, ducting cool rushing air into the hot, passionate smithy of his motoring soul. You were taken before your time, but it's only fitting that you should meet your end by rushing air taking its revenge. Farewell and gahdspeed.

Hat tip to Marty!