Did you ever think of the 928 as an omnipotent Greek deity transmogrified into a giant aquatic bird who seduces—or, depending on the interpretation, rapes—the mother of Helen of Troy? Photographer Alex Rank did! Click through to experience this classical reinterpretation.

Set in a digitally generated stone room designed by Tino Schaedler, he recreated the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan with a white Porsche 928 and a model wearing an Escada wedding dress.

With a 5-liter V8 up front, the 928 is the Swan.

Who, in the myth, is actually Zeus, who had a thing for siring demi-gods in animal disguise.

Of their avian-divine-human union were born Helen—

—who left his husband King Menelaus of Sparta to elope with Paris of Troy and kick off the Trojan War—

—and Polydeuces, who teamed up with his mortal half-brother Castor to form the constellation Gemini after Castor’s death.

Quite a mouthful of mythology, but if one car can handle it, it must be the 928, the all-original hydrofoil grand tourer of the ‘80s.

All photos by Alex Rank.