At the rate power increases are going when you're reading Jalopnik in 2037 we'll probably be talking about a Ford Focus with 2,500 horsepower. But now it's not time to look back to 1937 when we did it the old fashioned way: with displacement.

We'll let Gary, who sent in the photo, explain:

"Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-2800 Radial Engine, 2800 cubic inches, 18 cylinders, 2,500 HP. No mufflers. One of 4 engines on a DC-6 Freighter. Taken on the ramp of Everts Aviation in Anchorage, Alaska. Still a viable aircraft but the availability of aviation gasoline is becoming a concern."

The engine design dates back to 1937, but we're guessing the engine pictured is a little newer.