Bill Gates drove a Lexus, but owned a Porsche 959. Mark Zuckerberg allegedly drives an Infiniti, but rides around in his girlfriend's Acura. George Lucas has a Mosler MT900. Steve Jobs has an AMG Benz. What's the ultimate super rich tech nerd car?

Naturally, there are all kinds of nerds. In the early days of the "young tech millionaire" ethos, Steve "Woz" Wozniak tooled around NorCal in a Nissan 280ZX. Oracle's Larry Ellison had a custom, all-billet aluminum Cobra replica built, and yet Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for years drove an '88 Mazda B-Series pickup (like Gates, he also owns a Porsche 959). What's the ultimate? Damn hard to say, but we'll give it a shot.

The Singer 911. It's clean-looking, not ostentatious, and (technically) old. It's very detail-oriented, but also exclusive and ridiculously expensive (more than $200k, all told). It's also a Porsche, a marque that delivers an IPO's worth of nerd cred. It also would blend right in among the Silicon Valley locals. Almost.

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