You say there's an opportunity for yet another 997 variant? In China? That's gold, Jerry, gold! We'll take a Turbo S, paint it in gold with black wheels and sell ten of them for an outrageous price!

The car is officially called the "10 Year Anniversary Edition" in China, but I'm calling it "The Golden Child" because I like making jokes about bad Eddie Murphy movies. It's essentially a 911 Turbo S with the optional Aerokit turbo nose, Gold Bronze Metallic paint, just about every carbon fiber exterior option available, and black Sport Classic wheels.


Otherwise, it has the same PDK transmission matched to the 530 hp 3.8-liter boxer engine.

Ten of them will be sold, each numbered, for a price of 3.488e+06 Chinese yuan
or approximately $537K. That's "Pluto Nash" money. (Hat tip to m2m!)