Remember those jet-age concept cars? What if I told you a German designer can turn your C6 Corvette into something that looks like one. Is that something you might be interested in? Meet the Endora SC-1, so far.

Is the Endora named after Agnes Moorhead's witchy mother-in-law character from the TV show Bewitched? Perhaps — which would be an awesomely ironic use of 1960s American pop culture. Perhaps too there's a chance in a million that it'll ever be built, but why discourage these guys before they've even gotten a prototype up and running?


The car's designers, who've set up shop under the name Endora-Cars, foresee offering the nascent SC-1 in three power tiers: 437 hp from the stock(ish?) Corvette LS3 along with a 512 hp version and a 647 hp version using the Z06's LS7. In addition to the body mods, the Endora SC-1 will come with 19" alloys in front and 20" in the back, with an option for 20" and 21."

Will these guys ever attract enough attention to get the project off the ground? Will buyers bite? Will Endora send Darren Stevens to the loony bin? Their dreams are in your hands. Vote with your words.