We're expecting a "flurry" of movement this morning on recent machinations by Vladimir Antonov to buy a shareholder stake in Saab. To get ahead of said machinations, General Motors proactively issued the following statement:

"GM continues to be in active discussions with both Saab and the EIB and has reached a tentative agreement with Saab on a construct which could allow for Vladimir Antonov's acquisition of a shareholder interest in Saab, but that tentative agreement requires certain specific actions to be taken by Saab which have not yet been completed, as well as certain formal consents, approvals and waivers which Saab has not yet obtained. GM will continue to work with all parties to facilitate a solution to Saab's current business challenges."

GM: Determined not to get in the way of a businessman with alleged ties to the Russian mafia. Yeah, we don't blame 'em.