There are low mileage 24 year old cars and then there are Buick GNXs with 10 miles on the odometer. This example of the latter is currently listed on Ebay with no description other than the pictures seen here.

Although it is rarely the case, the lack of description for this GNX seems somewhat appropriate. #155 of the 547 GNXs built in 1987, this example has traveled only 10.7 miles in its life and is in the condition to prove it. While most of the ASC/McLaren built GNXs have significantly less mileage than your average 24 year old Buick, few others remain in the double digits like this example.


If you don't know why GNXs are awesome, you should. GNX's were a ray of black on black hope in an equally dark time for American cars. Produced only in the last year Grand Nationals were sold, GNXs were specially outfitted by ASC/McLaren to be the ultimate example of the model. The GNX was underrated at 276 hp/360 lb-ft of torque and was capable of a 4.6 second 0-60 run on the way to a low 13 second ¼ mile. Still impressive 24 years later, at the time these numbers were unheard of from any American car, let alone one so menacing and awesome.

All of this speed and blackness didn't come cheap when it was new, and it still doesn't. The GNX's substantial $29,000+ price tag in 1987 had something to do with how few were sold. Not surprisingly, the entry price to GNX ownership has increased substantially since then. While a low mileage GNX can still be had in the sub six figure range, this particular example is currently listed on Ebay for $139,000. A little internet research turns up the fact this car was listed in Hemmings five years ago for $110,000 with only 9 miles.

While seeing such a low mileage example is amazing, we are amazed anyone could own one of these without driving it at all. Having a GNX sitting in the garage that can't be driven would be an inner circle of my personal automotive hell. Although it may be unlikely, I can only hope this car somehow finds its way into the hands of someone who will hoon this GNX in the manner it really deserves without concerns for resale value. Lord Vader, your car needs to be driven.