The debate over whether New York or Shanghai was the more important auto show is a typical corporate media conspiracy designed to make you choose between two equally irrelevant sides and ignore the real answer. In this case the real answer is the colorful Moscow Tuning Show.

Imagine SEMA but for people with more money and less taste. I.E., imagine a SEMA for Russians. Thus the Moscow Tuning Show, which has blossomed into a place to experience the automotively absurd. A place where the models only wear clothes because it's cold and Mansory is pinged for being too conservative.


For car geeks it could be heaven or it could be hell. Whichever you think is likely to be more interesting. Whichever you think is likely to contain a BMW X6 painted up for "Mission Don Quixote."

All photos Pkuneev and mir-na-karte via English Russia. Hat tip to Jo!