The 2011 Shelby GT500 Super Snake carries all the baggage of a Carroll Shelby-ized vehicle — including the signature plaques — but it also carries about 800 horsepower. So why are you complaining?

There's a cheaper Shelby we're expecting to debut today, but with the Super Snake sitting around waiting to be fondled and photographed we couldn't help but oblige. For people who think the stock GT500 isn't special enough, is too tame, isn't baddass enough Shelby throws most of the moving stock parts away and replaces them either with Shelby bits or selected favorites from the Ford Racing catalog.


But what are you, really? Are you a Shelby product? Are you just an expensively-tuned GT500? Are you a certificate of authenticity on anthracite wheels?

"I'm an asshole," the Super Snake curtly responds, riffing on another Snake that paid a visit to New York with only the desire to get out and attain freedom. Which is to say, when you've got this much power and this much machismo you don't much care what other people think.