Mr. An was driving down a crowded Beijing highway when he noticed a truck carrying hundreds of dogs, many sick and crying, cramped into a tiny space. In a rare act of dissidence, he swerved in front of the truck and prevented it form carrying its living load to the slaughterhouse.

This all happened last Friday and involves a string of good fortunate and good timing. Mr. An just happens to be a volunteer with the Capital Animals Welfare Association and was able to put out the call to other animal rights activists to help block the truck.

More than 100 showed up to help block the truck and give aid, food, and water to the trapped animals.

Cultural differences about eating canines aside, many of the animals appeared to have chains and collars — indicating they were actually pets and not strays. Police complained about the protest but let it continue for 15 hours until the activists were able to raise $18,000 from a pet company and animal rights group to buy the load.

Though not all of the dogs survived, most are in the care of the China Small Animal Protection Association instead of on the dinner table. And China just allowed another protest.

Photo Credit: AP