Geigercars, Germany's well-known tuner of American muscle, boosted the Camaro SS to 564hp and painted it in "bilious" green, which, as Wikipedia notes, means "marked by or suffering from liver dysfunction and especially excessive secretion of bile." Fast, but gross.

Not to harp on that, urgh, medical definition, we'll just call it Hulk Green. Torn purple clamdiggers notwithstanding, the tuned Camaro Super Sport HP 564 also gets a Geigercars spoiler kit — front lip spoiler, side skirts and rear mock-splitter, as well as 20" Geigercars wheels over Pirellis. Under the striped hood resides a supercharger over the stock 6.2-liter. Engine software's naturally been tweaked and stainless steel sport exhaust's been installed. Fifth and sixth gears are taller than stock. Torque peaks at 448 lb-ft, twisting the Hulk-smash Camaro from 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds, and on to a company-reported top speed of 189 mph.


If you're in the Munich area and you be wantin' to wear o' the Hulk green, gather 88,000 euros from that pot of gold and head to Yet another "green" reference in 3,2,1...