This Acura NSX is all alone in the big bad world, left next to some dumpsters to rot. Well, it can't actually rot since it's all aluminum, so like other supercars left to die across the Arabian peninsula, it's decorating yet another forsaken Dubai development.

Our fruitless detective work so far revealed that the early pop-up headlight NSX has been there for at least six months, and even the Dubai Police have no idea who the owner is. The absolutely pristine interior features contrasting stitching, an option that was only offered from 1992, as was the yellow paint. Apart from the 17-inch OZ wheels, everything on the car is completely original, while a quick look underneath says that all seems true down there too. We've no idea whether it ever came with that bespoke luggage or not.


It's a proper five speed car instead of the pansy four-speed auto (a six-speed tranny only came in 1997 with the bigger 3.2-liter unit), but even though we can't see the mileage, the telltale wear on the shift lever, steering wheel and pedals is minimal.

We've knocked on doors, interrogated security guards and left countless notes (which continuously disappear, being replaced by other people's ambitious notes), but six months down the line this awesome NSX still hasn't found an owner. Will it be a Jumeirah Village stray for life, or will it end up at a police auction? We don't know, though one thing's for sure; it's by far the coolest piece of landscaping in this massive Dubai construction site they call a community.

Considering the remarkable condition of this early-to-mid-90s supercar (easily worth between $30,000-$40,000 depending on condition and mileage), it's positively sinful for its potential final resting place to be a gap next to a bunch of dumpsters.

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