Riffing on yesterday's unfortunate (and possibly alcohol-related) 911 GT3 RS wreck, the chaps at Axis of Oversteer found an even more egregious example: the wheelless McLaren SLR of Roberto Parli.


It happened sometime recently in Switzerland, with Parli in the role of the too-drunk-to-drive Italian in a fancy car. It started when he sideswiped a car in his rare and expensive McLaren SLR, forcing the front right wheel off. Rather than stop, he kept driving until he collided with a truck. He then lost his left front tire.

Deciding the highway wasn't the best place for such a quality piece of engineering, he drove the SLR a few hundred feet to a sidewalk. In an attempt to force his gleaming silver arrow over the curb he let loose the power of the car's hand-built 5.4-liter V8. The wisdom of other motorists and the fire coming from the hood convinced him to stop.

He reportedly screamed "I'm a millionaire, I'll pay for everything I don't care," at the scene. Unfortunately, as Axis points out, Swiss tickets are based proportionally on your wealth. Oh well, at least he's still married to showgirl Adriana Volpe (Google image search that, but maybe not on company time).