How to turn a grocery getter into a world beater in 60 days

K-PAX racing's successfully turned a bone-stock Volvo C30 hatchback into an all-conquering, track-eating race car. Driver Robb Holland's given readers a rare week-by-week glimpse into how they did it, which we've gathered below. More »

Part One: Introduction

Robb explains how the K-Pax Racing Team will take a stock Volvo C30 and turn it into a world-beating race car. More »

Part Two: Stripping the car

The first step involves stripping down the Volvo to see how it works so the team can make it work better. More »

Part Three: Welding a cage

After stripping the car down to its Swedish bones, the crew at K-PAX welds together a cage for safety and strength. More »

Part Four: Painting the car, tricking the ECU

It's not a race car without a dab of paint and a lot of work tricking the ECU into letting them drive it flat-out. More »

Part Five: Installing the differential

Robb explains what a difference a diff makes and gets into how the team gets around approaches the rules. More »

Part Six: Suspension tuning

With Project Grocery Getter powered-up, the team figures out how to make it turn left AND right. More »

Part Seven: On the dyno, on the brakes

K-PAX gets the car on the dyno to see how much power it's putting down, and then adds brakes to get it to stop. More »

Part Eight: Project grocery getter hits the track

The car finally comes together. Can the team hit their goal of a sub 2:00-minute lap around High Planes Raceway? More »