You've already seen the other VW/Giugiaro collabo at Geneva, the Go! The Tex is less futuristic, but far more plausible as a next-wave design marker. Could this be the next Golf? It's as good a direction as any.

So what's so Texas about the Tex? Dunno, but today is Texas's 175th Independence day, celebrating the day when the home of Meat Loaf became an official breakaway republic from Mexico. (Represent, Hardigree).


Anyway, under the hood of the Tex is the VW's Twin Drive plug-in hybrid system, which couldn't be less Texas if it were made from wheatgrass juice. Like the Go!, it rides on VW's new modular transverse architecture (MQB= Modularer Quer-Baukasten), which doesn't mean a lot now, but trust me, in a couple years you won't be able to run a mile without that ol' dog nipping at yer chaps.

But does the Tex hearken the next design wave? VW's not saying, but we're confident enough to offer a hearty, Dallas-sized uh-huh. You can put your boots in the oven, but that don't make 'em biscuits.