With the world trending toward smaller but more stylish cars, Mercedes made the right call to revive this, the 2012 C-Class coupe. If you're going to buy a four-cylinder Mercedes, you might as well look like you're having fun.

Arriving on these shores in September, the C-Coupe will be sold here either with a 201-hp four, dubbed the C250, or a 302-hp V6 tagged as the C350. With both engines employing the direct injection approach, the smaller engine will score 30 mpg on the highway, a common figure among small cars but a rarity in Mercedes' efficiency-challenged non-diesel entries.


While Mercedes has a spotty history with entry-level luxury coupes, the C-Class is meant to play at a slightly higher level than loss leader. It will also sport the technological kudzu that German automakers have come to specialize in, from its 7-speed transmission to the electronic assistant that helps you show off at the country club by walking you through parallel parking.