I've heard the Gumpert Apollo best described as "functionally ugly," which is as apt as it gets. But the Nürburgring-slaughtering Apollo's new, Italian-designed brother, the Gumpert Tornante? You could almost picture it valet-parked next to an Audi. Yes, that Audi.

That Tornante's design, the work of Italy's Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, is a fair distance from the Apollo's race-focused styling, though still manages to echo the Apollo in a few areas, like along its sidelines. Underneath, of course, it's got a tweaked version of the Apollo's space frame chassis and Audi-derived, twin-turbocharged, 700-hp V8. All that, plus room for a bit of luggage and a few bottles of the local varietal.


Meant to be driven by gentlefolk, on roads designed for transportation, not racing series, the Tornante's ride is designed to be more compliant, its body filled with sound insulation, its shifting done by paddles and its brakes loaded to the brim with ABS. Indeed, it's a car for track rats made good, or nerd superheroes looking to trade up. Price: to be announced.