By now you've heard 700hp is the new 600hp, and the 6.0-liter, twin-turbo V12 is the new... oops, killed another analogy dead. Yes, Pagani's Huayra debuted in Geneva, and it looks like it wants to be anywhere but there.

Pagani says his new, 3,064-pound supercar named after a South American wind can hit 235 mph. It has a seven-speed automated manual that weighs as much as a quail's egg and can shift quicker than the flutter of a dragonfly's heart. Its carbon fiber weave is so strong it can stop a Hydra 70 rocket fired by a Boeing AH-64 Apache gunship. But you knew that already.


Still, the Huayra's coolest (real) features are its active aerodynamics and level of detail, in both its carbon-fiber exterior and immaculately outfitted interior. That's what a million plus buys these days.

Oh, the sound you just made when you found out it costs seven-figures? Now you know where they really got the name.