Here it is folks, the compact little brother supercar foretold by the prophecies — the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept. It's like an Alfa Romeo 8C "Mini Me." The good news? It's so sexy that I want to make love to it. The even better news? Alfa Romeo's building it in 2012. Do want. Badly.

Today here at the Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo debuted the 4C Concept — a compact "supercar" designed to represent "the true essence of a sports car."


The new rear-wheel drive coupé concept has its engine mid-mounted is a mere 4 meters long and has a wheelbase of less than 2.4 meters.

Although it obviously looks like the little brother of the 8C, we're told the name of "4C Concept" is meant to suggest the 200 HP-plus "4 cylinder" 1750 Turbo Petrol engine.

Because we have to get on to the next press conference — here's the rest of the info on the 4C — straight from the press release:

Located centrally in the rear of the vehicle, the engine in the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept ensures performance which matches or exceeds that of a 3 litre engine whilst still delivering the moderate fuel consumption which is typical of a compact, 4 cylinder engine. Coupled with the new automatic "Alfa TCT" twin dry clutch transmission, launched only a few months ago on the MiTo and which will soon be available on the Giulietta, the powerful 1750 Turbo petrol engine allows the 4C Concept to reach a top speed of over 250 km/h and to accelerate from 0 to 100km in under 5 seconds. The vehicle integrates its Alfa DNA technology perfectly, a true philosophy which brings together all of the on-board technology, making it enjoyable and customisable for the driver and further accentuating the "competitive" nature of the Concept compared to other vehicles currently on sale.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Concept has an extremely sophisticated suspension layout (high quadrilateral at the front, MacPherson at the rear) to ensure maximum agility and road handling. This solution, along with the rear-wheel drive and the extraordinary weight/power ratio, ensures Alfa Romeo driving pleasure, enhanced even further by the weight distribution (40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear axle). The Concept takes up the Brand's sporting tradition, taking us back to its origins, when agility and the weight/power ratio were the keys to a successful racing vehicle, and combining these aspects with the Alfa Romeos which take to the road every day.

This car is not simply an exercise in style created for the Motor Show; it will be on sale in 2012 and is set to reinforce Alfa Romeo's global growth.

That last line? It just made me orgasm. Seriously.