Here's the first shots AutoGuide took of a semi-translucent FT-86-based Subieyota coupe — which we've been told repeatedly is the "Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept." It's not stopping some from saying it's All-Wheel-Drive. It's not. But here's why some think it is.

Proof the new Subaru/Toyota joint-venture vehicle follows the AWD formula is fuzzy, at least from our vantage point at the Geneva Motor Show. The suspension/transaxle is hard to see from this angle.


Compounding that fact is the explicit and clear response we just received from Dominick Infante from Subaru PR to the question of whether it's AWD:

"Negative. We announced its RWD. We will have rolling chassis tomorrow at the show."

We're trying to get a closer look to back up the claims floating around. It also doesn't help when the display for the Subieyota says and shows this. I mean, it's amazing that a RWD platform "incorporates Subaru's signature Symmetrical AWD system."

So, basically, it's because of what it says in front of the stand.

Photo Credit: Autoguide

Photo Credit: Autoguide

Photo Credit: Autoguide