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60 MPH: With middle-east unrestocopalypse spreading to Bahrain, could Abu Dhabi be next? Remember, though that the emirate employs Nissan GT-R interceptors to protect and serve. How else are the coppers going to chase down a protester in a twin-turbo Lamborghini tuner drifting across six lanes of traffic on two wheels with a guy in sandals hanging off the back for freedom? It just makes good common sense.

50 MPH: Remember those years when SUVs kept getting bigger and bigger, until basketball players started getting pickup beds put on coal-mining dump-truck chassis? This is just like those times, except in the other direction.

40 MPH: First they were all, "The next BMW M5's not getting a manual." Then they were all, "The next BMW M5's totally getting a manual." What is truth?

>30 MPH: And if you want to sell cars, go where the people are. Where are the people? Apparently they're at the mall. It'll probably work, because there's nothing worse than not being within 50 feet of an Auntie Anne's Pretzels when you're shopping for a car.

20 MPH: Meanwhile, in Russia, the government's offering tax breaks to companies that import components for final assembly by the glorious workers of state, and GM and Ford may be ready to make (or expand) that kind of deal. Ford already builds the Mondeo and Focus in Russia, but more favorable tax conditions could see them up their production significantly. Bear on unicycle? He's on his own.

10 MPH: Aging rock stars with checkered pasts sometimes need to clean house too. Former Guns and Roses sideman Slash is selling his 1966 427 Stingray (would he have any other?) and a his Harley V-Rod. The car's expected to go for $100,000 grand. The bike? A scratched copy of GNR Lies.

0 MPH: And who could forget our man Ray's famous "choose your own adventure post" from back in 2006? Well read it now then. Or, read a real Choose Your Own Adventure about rallying in Africa. That's what I'm doing now. I chose the rough road race first.


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