Welcome to 60-0, our new end-of-day roundup post you can find every weekday at 5:00 PM 6:00 today (sorry, we're running kinda late). It'll lasso up all the fast-moving auto stories from around the Internets and drag 'em to a screeching halt right here in one easy-to-find post. Never mind those other car sites — we've got everything you need right here.

60 MPH: Big brakes are the giveaway that an innocuous-looking Audi A7 test mule, on a winter jaunt in Northern Europe, is harboring a 600-hp orgy of RS madness, while taking aim at the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG. Frankfurt could be where the throwdown happens first.

50 MPH: Caterham's SP/300.R isn't the only new Caterham in the pipeline, though it does signal a line expansion into realms less Lotus-y. As reported earlier, the SP/300.R will be a new halo model for the company, long known for its various incarnations of the Lotus Seven, and now the company's planning several new models that'll help it attract attention among younger millionaires in emerging markets. Like New Jersey.

40 MPH: China and BMW are going together like bees and butter pecan, with reports of an M5 concept coming to Auto Shanghai this April. That'll just be a teaser for the 600-hp, twin-turbo V8-powered full version, which will likely arrive in the birthplace of the hot dog later in the year. We're assuming Friday's note on the 6-series coupe's still on target.

30 MPH: That shifter company; you know the one — starts with an H? They just showed off a new tuner pickup to a bunch of dealers. It's a supercharged Ram 1500 with telltale striping, pistol-grip billet-aluminum shifter and 22" wheels. They're only making 50 of them, so get one before your plumbing contractor snaps them up to go with his fleet of Hurst Vipers.

20 MPH: The soupy bowl gave us a million car commercials, and one new trailer for Transformers 3: The One Without Megan Fox. This time the Russians get it, just like back when it was a cartoon and Shia LeBeouf was zero years old.

10 MPH: I admit it. I don't get the camp fiasco that is Glee any more than I get how the scales of a pineapple represent a Fibonacci sequence. I also don't get how recasting an ancient Dinah Shore campaign jingle as a post-Super Bowl dance number will get 14-year-olds interested in Chevy. Oh, that's right; 14-year-olds aren't the only ones watching Glee.

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