After saying the $95,000 Fisker Karma luxury plug-in hybrid would launch in February, Fisker has pushed production back to March, and dealers say don't expect a car before April. Oh, and it's key tech supplier missed a debt payment.

Quantum Fuel Systems, the company that launched Henrik Fisker's venture, is supplying the software and controls to make the GM-sourced engine work with the 22.6 kWh battery pack, missed payments on $4 million in bridge loans on Dec. 31. While its main lender has given it an extension through April to avoid default, Quantum's most recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing says the company has not reached an agreement with other lenders holding the $4 million in bridge debt. Hey, Fisker has $529 million from the U.S. government; maybe they could help out?

H/T Photo: jhmcintosh2000

[Fisker of Orange County]