Nissan GT-R owners quickly discovered achieving the company's touted performance numbers meant using launch control, thus voiding their warranty. Nissan dropped launch control for 2010. Now it's back — as "R Mode Start." Here's how to do it.

The new launch control system in the 2012 Nissan GT-R — called "R Mode Start" — lets owners put down the car's crazy 530 horsepower by revving the engine up to 4,000 RPM before routing the power carefully though Godzilla's advanced AWD system. Unfortunately, they'll only let you do it four times consecutively before "the function may be disabled and cannot be turned on to protect the vehicle system."

There's certainly a price to pay if you repeatedly beat on your car's transmission, but we can't help hear "please don't sue" when we read that.

[NAGTROC via Straightline]