You'd expect working dogs in a country with more heads of cattle than humans to be a touch overzealous, but it's downright hilarious to see herding behavior triggered by a rental car in a roundabout.

This generic yellow mongrel and its mate approached our very un-cattle-like Chevrolet Corsa at dawn on the outskirts of San Miguel de Tucumán, and what they performed was undoubtedly the motions of herding.


Unfazed by honking, the dogs kept herding the car until locals in a beat-up Renault 12 showed us how to deal with man’s unruly best friends: speed past them and hope you don’t hit anything. Which is what we did.

As we left town, the dogs’ behavior suddenly made sense, if in a roundabout way: in the menswear industry, maroon—the color of our rental car—is called oxblood, particularly when applied to leather shoes. It appears that in Argentina even dogs know fashion.