Robby Gordon's adventures in this year's Dakar Rally officially crossed the line from bad to cursed this week. Exhibit A: Gordon was disqualified because a part he needed was in a teammate's truck — which didn't stop to help him.

As Gordon explains, after the wheel bearing broke on his Hummer, he hoped to recover the spare in the truck of teammates Eliseo Salazar and Steve La Roza in their #327 truck. But the pair drove past the pit where Gordon's truck was waiting without stopping. The delay caused Gordon to miss the day's checkpoint, and race organizers disqualified Gordon.

The incident triggered some sharp criticism among Gordon's fans, which Salazar's wife took to Facebook to rebut, saying communication problems were to blame:

The 327 did not see the 303 car because they were at a service station at the time and not on the road. Eliseo and Steve would never intentionally pass Robby on the road when he needed help.

We'd say better luck next time, but we'd hate to imagine how it could get worse. [LeDakar via Twitter]