The 2012 Buick Verano looks like a kiddie car dressed up like a Regal for Halloween. It should — because at its heart, it's a Chevy Cruze wearing sound-deadening padded big-boy clothes and a vaguely European name. Sounds Italian... sorta.

In reality this new Buick small car's name is Spanish in origin. Apparently it means Summer. All we know is it slides right off the tongue. It's fun to say. Go ahead, try it. Ve-rah-no. Ve-rah-no., you get the point.


You'll be getting the Verano at your local Buick dealer later this year with a 2012 model year appended to that fun-sounding name.

Although there's supposed to be an embargo on information on this car until midnight, apparently even Buick's so nonplussed with its new baby boy for budget-minded blue-hairs they didn't care enough to hold to it themselves. Want to know more details about the best-looking Chevy Cruze you can buy — check them out here.