This stuff'll keep engineer kids up all night. The third of Auto Union's Grand Prix racecars, the 1936 Typ(e) C sparred with Benzes and Alfas, and made Bernt Rosermeyer world champion. Now see it in wireframe glory.

VWVortex member Renglish scanned these 4.75" x 3.75" negatives found in a box at an estate sale in Torrance, CA. They were signed Jim Ison '65. Was it Jim who created these awesome illos? We may never know, but a lack of sleep will be had by all.


By 1936, the Auto Union racecar was powered by a six-liter supercharged V16 producing 520 hp. To say the Auto Union Typ C dominated racing was a matter of understatement. Of the Grands Prix Bernd Rosemeyer took in the Typ C were the Eifelrennen, German, Swiss, and Italian to give him Auto Union's only driver's championship. Hans Stuck came in second in the Tripoli and German Grands Prix. The notoriously tricky-to-drive ur-Audi could spin the wheels at 100 mph. Under the skin... Well, this is what it looked like.

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