Rumors say it'll be the BMW i8, but you know it as BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics concept. Caught in Abu Dhabi last week, it'll likely appear in production form at an upcoming auto show, along with the end-product of this shoot.


BMW Blog sources say the i8 will be the flagship of the company's new "i" sub-brand, which will focus on alternative tech. Reports have indicated the i8 will be revealed in Detroit or Geneva, and go on sale in October 2013 for around $200,000.

The concept, revealed in Frankfurt in 2009, was powered by a 1.5-liter, turbodiesel three-cylinder engine producing 163 hp, combined with a plug-in hybrid-electric system of two electric motors, for a total of 356 hp. Together, the hybrid-drive kit could get the Vision EfficientDynamics concept from 0-62 in 4.8 seconds, with a 155 mph top speed, according to BMW. The company also said it would also get 62 mpg, not a bad feat, though no M version is expected.

No word on what, exactly, a production model might have for motive force, but expect a close-to-concept powertrain.


[via BMW Blog]