The de-icer, the key to keeping modern airports open, sprays liquid antifreeze at high volumes. A modern unit can clear a 737 in 10 minutes.

The front-end loader works on streets and sidewalks, going where larger vehicles can't.

A "gritter" does just what its name suggests, spreading sand, salt or even ashes on roads. Fancier units even heat the "grit" before it drops.

The all-purpose snowplow, the mainstay of road snow management. When these get pulled off the road, you should get off as well.

When you want to travel on top of snow rather than remove it, the snow groomer levels the drifts and compacts the powder.

When there's no place for snow to go, the only option is melting it. These snow melters have to be pulled by semi trucks, and despite their size work relatively slowly.

A heavy-duty snowblower can move 5,000 pounds of snow an hour, typically right onto a path cleared by hand.

Plows leave a thin layer of snow behind, not a good thing for airports or race tracks. Hence the snow sweeper, some of which come with a jet to blow the surface clean.

And when you need to know just how slippery the surface is, you break out the friction tester — or hide it in the back of your Saab.