History remembers how the Nissan GT-R got to be named "Godzilla" by Australian magazines, reporting on the car that was making Holden drivers pull over and hyperventilate. Around the same time, a band from Long Island had a hit. The band was Blue Oyster Cult, and the song was a tribute to the Japanese movie monster. "Godzilla," off the 1977 Spectres album, turned the prog-rock unit directly into the maw of heavy metal, anchored by the refrain "Go, Go Godzilla!"

Today, it was Doinker who took the obvious reference and turned it into a tragicomic parable for the modern age of cars and sledding and danger. Take it, Doinker.

♪...With a child unattended and nothing going down, Tie 'em to the bumper and drive around.
Helpless child on a sled today, sees license numbers heading his way.

Oh no! Driver said he had to go! Go-go Godzilla! Woo-oooh-oooh!...♪

Go, go indeed.