Need a last-minute gift (for yourself) BBC Interactive this week released two Top Gear app games, "Stunt School" and "Where's Stig?" At least they didn't go with "Super Stig Brothers" or "Stig the Hedgehog." Or maybe those are next.

There's already a "Where's Stig" book—a send-up of the Where's Waldo franchise, naturally—so the app is just another extension of that locational search theme. Pretty self-explanatory.


If Stig-finding isn't in your wheelhouse, perhaps you'd be more inclined to give "Top Gear: Stunt School" a shot. The 3D driving game lets players customize vehicles and engage in mad stunting.

They just cost a few quid at Apple's app store. For iPhone, "Where's Stig" is $2.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) and $3.99 for iPad. "Stunt School" is $3.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) $4.99 for iPad.

[via TopSpeed]