German premium auto dealer Auto Salon Singen listed an interesting car on their website this week: the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. They say Lamborghini's selling ten of the V10-powered lightweight supercars for a crazy sum of $3 million each.

The Sesto Elemento debuted at this year's Paris Motor Show as a concept vehicle teasing the company's new styling and ability to put carbon fiber everywhere (and we mean everywhere). Backed by Lambo's AWD and 570-hp V10, the 2,202-lb show car trots to 62 mph in a low 2.7 seconds.

But it's a concept...

Lamborghini did say they'd build a limited-run of the concept and this German dealership thinks it'll be able to get one — and then sell it. The dealership told the awesomely-named Euro car website Vanishing Point that they have a letter from Lamborghini saying it's legit.


There is a catch: "This special sports car Sesto Elemento limit is now strictly in an edition of only 10 vehicles built - but not street legal!"

(Hat tip to Jan!)

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