This Saturday's a day where some choose to celebrate the semi-deification of a baby born out of wedlock in a barn in Israel by taking the day off from work tomorrow. We'll be doing the same. Taking some time off that is. Not the whole celebration of semi-deification part. Well, not all of us at least. Some of us may be celebrating today like it's just another day for "Buddy Jesus." What do we know?

Anyway...we digress. What this means for all of us here is we'll be publishing all day today, but on a lighter schedule than usual. Tomorrow, we'll be running on a half shift — a post every hour or so. Saturday, we'll be publishing on a normal posting schedule — but that's only because Tom writes a lot of his stuff ahead of time. Same's true with Sunday — and then Monday we come back to our regularly scheduled programming.


So, if for some reason I don't see you before the weekend — Merry Christ Birthday (that's what you goyim say, right?)! For the moment, I'll leave you with this clip from Full Metal Jacket:

Also, spend some time in #oppositelock and remember to leave us any #tips — we'll be checking both forums intermittently.