I knew a rather large kid in high school with one of those giant, fuck-off manbeards at age 16. When I say he was large I don't mean fat, I mean Nordic. We called him "Wookie" and were ever grateful he chose band and not football and was therefore not inclined to beat us for calling him "Wookie." Other than being unmurderously affable, "Wookie" was good to know because he had a perfectly maintained red Acura Legend coupe with a tan interior. It was gorgeous. And to top it all off he had the license plate "WOOKIE." Seeing the current Acura style and reading dorkspeed's comment reminded me of that car.

Oh Acura... you started so great, where did thou go astray? In the early nineties, they had handsomely styled cars with great names like "Legend" and the "Integra". Cars that were reasonably priced and provided a true alternative to BMW for the man about town who wanted a sporting sedan or coupe.

So what does Acura/Honda do? First, they kill off the good names and replace them with meaningless sequences of letters like TL and RSX (take note Cadillac and Lincoln).

Then they they kill off their entry level sports car, giving younger buyers no reason whatsoever to stop by the showroom. (And they kill off the NSX's replacement, yet somehow manage to race it anyway... but that's another story.)

So what is Acura now? A way for Honda to sell rebadged and optioned out Accords? With bad styling? And silly names? Acura, you have become Honda's Mercury.