How bad is violence in northern Mexico? Our old pals at Texas Armoring have seen business skyrocket for armor-plating low-profile beaters. When you need a bulletproof Toyota Camry, something's truly wrong with the world.

The outright warfare among drug cartels had already had boosted demand for high-end armored vehicles used by company executives. But now that the narcos have turned to road blocks and kidnapping, more people want low-profile rides like old Camrys and Nissan Maximas that can still survive gunshots from an AK-47.

The cartels themselves also have a preferred mode of transportation: Heavy-duty pickups. Texas officials recently busted a well-organized theft ring that targeted the Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks, paying a bounty of $1,200 to $1,600 per vehicle and setting weekly quotas for their truck mules.