Automotive enthusiasts are on the verge of accessing a new epoch in performance cars, with everything from hot hatches to mind-bending supercars coming to market. With your help, we've identified the ten most hotly anticipated new cars.


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10.) Ford Focus ST/RS


When You Can Buy It: 2012

Why You Can't Wait For It: Ford's SVT Focus gave blue oval fanboys their first taste of hot hatch goodness and we're guessing the Focus ST should make the SVT just an appetizer. With 246 hp from an EcoBoosted engine in a global platform that's not longer Europe's leftovers, it's a performance bargain in the making. And what of the Focus RS? Having driven one I can attest to being willing to go on a hunger strike to get it here.


Suggested by: TheSlurpeeMan

9.) 2013 Dodge Viper

When You Can Buy It: Late 2012 at the earliest

Why You Can't Wait For It: The rumors of the Alfa Romeo 8C-based Dodge are probably false, meaning the new Viper should be the balls-to-the-wall, V10-powered 'Merican supercar needed to power the country out of its funk. The only question is whether or not the laws requiring driver's aids will kill the fun. Thankfully, Chrysler's suddenly got a few ragazze in Maranello ever-willing to help them skirt a few laws.


Suggested by: Buster Brew


8.) Volkswagen Golf R

When You Can Buy It: 2012

Why You Can't Wait For It: Even if you're not a dash-strokin' member of the Fahrvergnügen crew, the promise of Scirocco R power in the American market's enough to keep you up at nights eBaying your not-entirely-vital organs. The specs (266-hp, Sport-tuned ESP, Haldex 4Motion) read like a Vortex member's wet dream.


Suggested by: Dan122186

7.) Subieyota/Toyobaru/Scion FR-S

When You Can Buy It: Fall 2011, Hopefully

Why You Can't Wait For It: True story, I'm writing this in a flight I barely made it on. I was standby (after sleeping through the first flight) and watched as more people checked in for the trip while the flight waited for its attendants, who were stuck behind a contingent of old people coming from West Palm Beach. First on the stand-by list, I knew the longer we waited the worse things would get for me. Fans of the Toyota/Scion version are likely feeling the same trepidation as longer delays mean more compromises for what seemed like it would be an exciting and affordable RWD sports coupe. The Subie version will probably still benefit from the same commitment to driving that makes most of their cars delightfully bonkers.


Suggested by: Mark D


6.) New Stratos

When You Can Buy It: 2011, if you're rich.

Why You Can't Wait For It: Wanna know if you're talking to a car enthusiast? Ask them about the Stratos. The original holds a legend similar to Wilt Chamberlain's sex life: incredible and a little unbelievable. The limited-edition New Stratos aims to launch some new tales of conquest by taking A Ferrari F430 platform, shortening it, lightening it, and giving it more power. Not a bad plan.


Suggested by: Irishman

5.) Abarth SS

When You Can Buy It: 2012/2013

Why You Can't Wait For It: The slightly porkier Fiat 500's cuteness and novelty will wear off soon enough, leaving fans to lust for the Abarth SS. Though both cute and Italian, it's basically the difference between a bowl of old mozzarella and a sheet of tiramisu. Here's hoping Fiat knows just when to time the launch of the espresso-fueled Mini-fighter.


Suggested by: PBRTim

4.) McLaren MP4-12C

When You Can Buy It: 2011, somehow

Why You Can't Wait For It: You have a pulse. You remember from all the brainwashing here that the McLaren F1 is one of the greatest cars ever built and know that a new one powered by a twin-turbo V8 with 592 hp is that much better. You like purty things.


Suggested by: Dominic Chan

3.) Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

When You Can Buy It: Late 2012, maybe

Why You Can't Wait For It: The inclusion of a hybrid on the top of the list isn't sacrilege, it's just a begrudging admission that Porsche figured out how to make us lust after something with more batteries than pistons. How? With a powerful 3.4-liter V8 tied to three electric motors to produce perhaps as much as 700 hp. Also, just look at it. Porsche could throw an old VW Fox diesel motor in it and you'd still put a poster of it on your wall.


Suggested by: Crosseddrilled

2.) Audi Quattro

When You Can Buy It: The future, maybe

Why You Can't Wait For It: Like the Stratos, the new Quattro's the resurrection of an inspired rallying sports car from one of the great moments in motoring history. Unlike the Stratos, they're going to make more than 50 of them. Built on an RS5 platform with a TT-RS inline-five, it's all your favorite Audis spiced with cocaine and angel dust, the cost will be high, but then again so are you if you're not turned on by the idea of owning one.


Suggested by: Whackamole

1.) Chevy G8/Caprice/El Camino

When You Can Buy It: 2012, maybe?

Why You Can't Wait For It: The Pontiac G8 GXP is a car we adore for its power, its handling, its look, its everything. That it should come back as an affordable Chevy RWD sedan just makes everything right with the universe. Well, almost right. The re-introduction of the El Camino would be perfection.


Suggested by: ODD DOOD