Studious application of the throttle will cause a rear-wheel drive car to turn around its axis, preferably in a cloud of smoke. Remove the smoke and you end up with Il Girasole, a house that will do the same.

It is, perhaps obviously, Italian. Nestled in the hills above Northern Italy’s Po Valley, it was designed by Angelo Invernizzi and Ettore Fagiuoli and built in the ‘30s. Il Girasole—“The Sunflower”—was a major engineering achievement at the time—unfortunately, the concept has not really caught on. At least we still have rear-wheel drive cars.


A 17-minute short film has recently been released about the house, reaffirming the statement that it’s cool to be Italian and it’s even cooler to be fabulously well-to-do. While your Thanksgiving turkey rotates away on your engine hoist, you may as well give it a watch: