Go slow, steer into skids, pump your brakes — just a few of the snow driving tips those of us in winter states know too well. Seattle drivers got a pop quiz on them from Mother Nature Monday. They failed.

Here's our first contestant, who may have forgotten the age-old advice that even with the finest quattro, all-wheel-drive only helps you move forward, not stop:

Meanwhile, one Seattle resident was able to capture an insurance adjuster's nightmare from their front porch, with a cornucopia of smashed rear-ends and endangered pedestrians. Watch for the special appearance of a Seattle city bus about three minutes in:

Seattle only gets 13 inches of snow a year on average, most of which melts immediately, and the city clearly doesn't have road treatments at the ready. Which makes knowing how to drive on a slick road more important. If only there were some way to print handy reminders on objects every Seattle resident clutches on a daily basis, like a coffee cup... (H/T to stelfaul and Jeremy!)