With forty grand in modifications and a Hollywood career that extends to a walk-on part in The Fast and the Furious 4, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Boxster is the Heidi Montag of Porsches.

Joe Walsh's Maserati supposedly does 185, a top end at which yesterday's twin turbo 228 just can't arrive. After losing his license, Joe could ride in the back, and it got 60% Nice Price, rather than Crack. As it also resides in Hawaii, life's been good to it so far.


That Maserati was a grand tourer for four, intended to swaddle its passengers in a sumptuous interior and cover vast distances without drama. Today's candidate is also a mile eater, and it sports a six cylinder engine as well. In all other aspects, however, it couldn't be more different from the Maserati.

A Porsche executive once commented that the company had entry-level cars, they were called used Porsches. Despite that the company does maintain a tiered product mix, and the lower-cost cars – 912, 914, 924/944/968 – offer Porsche badges to those of lesser means, although over the years they have had both their capabilities and entry price creep up dramatically. The 986 Boxster was introduced in 1996, and was Porsche's first mid-engine roadster since the 550 spyder that killed James Dean. Positioned below the 911, buyers of that rear-engine car complained about it sharing its nose with the cheaper Boxster, although they did get a larger, more powerful edition of the company's H six to make up for wearing the same dress to the ball.

By 2000, when this Boxster was built, Porsche had revised the 911's nose to create greater differentiation from its lesser brethren, and also introduced the Boxster S which further frustrated 911 owners by closing the performance gap. Not an S, but sporting that model's 3.2-litre six, this heavily modified Boxster talks the talk, having a 911 Turbo-esque nose and ground effects bodywork. It also may walk the walk with a multitude of upgrades to that 250-bhp six including what are claimed to be ‘racing headers' and a ‘racing exhaust,' as well as suspension and braking upgrades. Along the way it has managed to amass 50,000-some miles while getting its diaper changed every 2K of those.


Inside, the seller says there're Recaro GT3 seats, carbon fiber this and that, and scrotum-cinching Scrothe 5-point belts, although we don't get to jones over those as he only includes exterior shots in the ad. Maybe they can be seen in one of the numerous buff books in which he claims the car has appeared, or perhaps The Fast and the Furious 4, where it also is said to have played a pivotal background role.

Edmunds lists used 2000 Boxsters at around ten grand, and the 3.2 S at around two higher. This one is claimed to have originally cost $55,000 with all the upgrades adding $40K to that. That's the kind of info provided by sellers who know they're never going to get back their investments, but want to get as much back as they can. In this case, the seller wants $35,000 back. That's some serious beans for a Boxster, although this one does come with awards and a SEMA appearance, as well as all the upgrades, so maybe it's not too crazy a price.

Of course, that's up to you to determine.

So what do you think, is $35,000 for this heavily modded Boxster a steal, or do the price and mods kill the deal?

You decide!

Milpitas Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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