The classic Corvette has style, performance, and for years has been the apple of the American enthusiast's eye. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Corvette custom takes that apple and wraps it in a red candy shell.

The electric blue paint scheme of yesterday's Spitfire/Miata mash up may not have reminded anyone of a tasty carny treat, but that didn't stop it from walking away with a 67% Nice Price win, and possibly a giant panda. Virginia apparently is for lovers, especially lovers of modded Triumphs as the Spitiata also garnered some appreciative responses for its trouble.

Most of that Spitfire's modifications were under the skin, while today's 1968 Corvette Shooting Brake proudly wears its as a top coat of candy apple red testosterone infused fiberglass.

Along with health food and herpes, the Corvette wagon conversion was a child born in the ‘70s. It was most typically something that you chose to do after your Vette had been rear ended and you had suffered a head injury in the accident. Here. It lacks the windows that usually gun-slit the flanks, making visibility an issue but potentially keeping all your custom stuff from prying eyes. The elongated back also echos that of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan, or it least it would if the car didn't give off the aura of having just stared in a Tarantino flick. Seriously, with the Corvette Express script on the sides, the massive cycloptic bow tie tail lamp that spells out Corvette in back, and the Autopia paint job, this car looks like it should be parked outside of a ‘70s porn convention, sporting the license plate- HND JOB.

Getting to that hypothetical dong and pony show shouldn't be a problem as the car rocks what appears to be a dual quad manifold on top of its 327. Or maybe that's a 427, who knows. Mated to that is a Muncie 4-speed. But is it a close ratio M21? Is it a wide ratio M20? Is the invisible man a transvestite? On all counts, who knows? The fact is, it's completely possible that neither the engine or transmission are original to the car, as there appears to be little else that is.

The inside of the Vette Express is like the apartment of that creepy guy down the block when you were growing up who always wanted you to come up and see his groovy album collection. There's tuck, there's roll, and a strange blanking plate for the center gauge cluster, evidently there to prevent distracting from the JC Whitney three pack embedded below. But, the crowning glory of the interior is what is claimed to be the signature of the KING OF KUSTOMS, George Barris, on the dash panel. The seller also claims to have photographic evidence that Barris actually sat, and possibly farted, in the car. Of course, that doesn't mean that the King of Kustoms actually had anything to do with its creation. He could have simply needed a place to sit due the dizziness caused by trying to remember if he had penned it or not.

Customs are always a very personal taste, and this car is evidence that one person's Corvette Express is another's Corvette Summer. The 1968 model year was the first year of the C3 body style, and what with the tilt-forward custom nose and massive lake pipes, this car has lost both the iconic side gills and its coke bottle proportions. What the seller is hoping will make up for that is the NOMAD (his claim, not mine) back end, and mad history of magazine and car show appearances.


Maybe that's all it will take. Maybe you took one look at this car and knocked your coffee cup of the desk from the wood it gave you, who knows. One thing we do know is that the seller has set a Buy It Now of $30,000 for this custom Corvette, and it's time for you to vote on whether for that price he's practically giving it away, or if he should expect to see it stay.

You decide!

eBay or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to CanuckGreg for the hookup!

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