Everyone has their reasons to vote for a particular candidate. Their stance on an issue, their voting record, their latest vicious attack ad. Have you considered what car they drive? Here's 11 candidates and the cars they drive.

The preferred vehicle for U.S. Senators and high-ranking Congressmen, women and government officials once they get to Washington are Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrids and Cadillac Escalade Hybrids. Still, like Scott Brown and his pickup truck, there's much we can learn about what they drive before they get there. Here's a list of candidates in this upcoming week's election — along with the vehicles they drive and what those choices say about them.

Name: Meg Whitman
Party: Republican
Office Seeking: Governor, California
What They Drive: Ford Escape Hybrid
What This Says About Them: If you live in California, have a lot of stuff and want to ride in the diamond lane, this is the machine for you.

Name: Jerry Moran
Party: Republican
Office Seeking: U.S. Senator, Kansas
What They Drive: Lincoln MKZ
What This Says About Them: Moran is always quick to point out that it's a "used" Lincoln MKZ. Although why that matters about a car that's really nothing more than a tarted-up Ford Fusion is beyond us.

Name: Linda McMahon
Party: Republican
Office Seeking: U.S. Senator, Connecticut
What They Drive: V12 Mercedes SL 600
What This Says About Them: A 600+ HP SL roadster says McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment loves power and she's not afraid to use it. Kudos to a candidate for having the guts to drive something that isn't a tarted-up econobox. Wait until that car gets you into the cage.

Name: Charlie Rangel
Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: New York, House
What They Drive: Cadillac DeVille, 1972 Mercedes
What This Says About Them: The DeVille says power and authority. The 1972 Mercedes says, "Hey, can I keep my car here for awhile?" It was found, with an expired registration and half covered in a tarp, in an underground House parking lot. The car was towed the next day.

Name: Kristi Noem
Party: Republican
Office Seeking: U.S. Congress, South Dakota
What They Drive: 2007 GMC ¾ ton 4WD pickup
What This Says About Them: It says I have a big, ol' horse trailer to pull across the high country. More important, it says, "I don't drive a Ford."

Name: Joe Sestak
Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania
What They Drive: Toyota Prius
What This Says About Them: I care about the environment. I care about saving fuel. I don't care about cars.

Name: Rick Waugh
Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: House, Virginia
What They Drive: Ford Thunderbird
What This Says About Them: In Waugh's case it says, "I'm calling the cops!" Vandals glued a campaign sign for his opponent Eric Cantor to the side of the old 'bird.

Name: Dennis Kucinich
Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: U.S. Congress, Ohio
What They Drive: Ford Focus
What This Says About Them: It says I'm sensible and frugal with your money. Apparently, it also says, I have a bad haircut. That may not be the car.

Name: Scott Ashjian
Party: Nevada Independent Tea Party
Office Seeking: U.S. Senate, Nevada
What They Drive: Mercedes S63 AMG
What This Says About Them: Mr. Ashjian believes power shouldn't be concentrated in Washington, but between the fenders of his monster Merc. And we likely know exactly where he stands on the gas guzzler tax.

Name: Charlie Melancon
Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: Senate, Louisiana
What They Drive: Chevy Tahoe
What This Says About Them: I like to hunt, I like to fish and I like to bring my friends with me.

Name: John McCain (again)
Party: Republican
Office Seeking: Senate, Arizona
What They Drive: Cadillac CTS
What This Says About Them: Sure, I'm a senior citizen and drive in "Cadillac Style," but at least it's not a deVille.

If you don't vote, you can't complain. Get out there and pull a lever.