The Bennie Railplane ran on a prototype track in Glasgow circa 1929. Technically, it's not a monorail because it has a guide rail at the bottom. [Oobject]

In 1911, the Boyes Monorail was a prototype system that ran in Seattle. [Oobject]

This steam driven double-decker train is the US Centennial Monorail (1876), built in celebration of our nation's 100th birthday. [Oobject]

This is the ALWEG monorail on its test track in Germany, 1952. This model was used for the first Disney monorails. [Oobject]

Perhaps one of the most iconic, the Disneyland Monorail, pictured here in 1959, claims to be the first in the Western Hemisphere, but there are others in France, Ireland, and Houston that predate it. [Oobject]

The Skyway monorail in Houston, 1956, in all its retro glory. [Oobject]

The New York Worlds Fair Monorail was built by American Machine and Foundry for the 1964 Fair. [Oobject]

This is the world's first monorail, the Lartigue, built in Ireland in the 1880s. [Oobject]

This suspended monorail in Wuppertal, Germany was built in 1900 and is still in use today. [Oobject]